ECCOM was again honorably awarded 2018 Cisco “The Best Partner in Greater China”


Cisco Greater China Ecosystem and Alliance Forum 2018 was convened in Ji’nan on March 12 and 13. ECCOM was honorably awarded 2018 Cisco “The Best Partner in Greater China” because of its outstanding business achievements and service capacity. 

More than 600 Cisco partners were invited to attend this forum with the theme of “Dance Together”. Ms. Xiang Jieyun, CEO of Cisco Greater China, and Mr. Lin Feng, general manager of Department of Ecological System and Cooperative Alliance, delivered keynote speeches, introducing the updated business and market strategy of Cisco Greater China and the infinite business opportunities created in the contemporary digitalized market. The great tide of  digitalization is sweeping across the industry in an overwhelming way. The centers of technological innovation, industrial solutions and customer experience aiming at meeting customer demand have been emerging like mushrooms after rain. The new marketing mode driven by solutions and marked by manufacturer-channel cooperation is changing the traditional purchase and sale behavior. The golden opportunity is unprecedented. Cisco will, together with its partners, make bold innovation to achieve customers’ lofty ideals and drive its footsteps toward the future and dance together with a high-spirited passion. 

At this forum, ECCOM was again honorably awarded Cisco Greater China “The Best Partner”, not only highly affirming our professional ability in innovative practice, industrial application, solutions and service, but also recognizing ECCOM’s ability to bring value to customers through continuous innovation and active exploration. For a long time, ECCOM has always been maintaining a trend of close cooperation with Cisco. In the future, ECCOM will continue to intensify its amicable partnership with Cisco, welcoming changes together and promoting concerted development.