The successful holding of the 2nd ECCOM Master Cup Badminton Match in 2017


In order to enrich spare cultural life and reinforce team cohesion, the 2nd ECCOM “Master Cup” Badminton Match was held in Shanghai from May 20 to May 21, 2017. Eight teams and nearly 50 players from all parts of China participated in this match.

The 2-day match consists of single events and team events. The single events on the first day included Men’s Single, Women’s Single and Men’s Double. During the team events on the second day, 8 teams first engaged in the round-robin event, and then engaged in a knock-out event to determine the championship and runner-up. Along with the ongoing of the match, players gradually went into their normal state, and the match became more and more fierce. The players of this match not only included the seed players of the previous badminton match, but also included some new forces. Their jump and rotation, their low-altitude shuttlecock catching, and their smashing before the net, made the match scene more wonderful! 

After 2-day competition, the 2nd ECCOM “Master Cup” Badminton Match came to its end. This match gave full play to the healthy physique, high badminton skills and upward spiritual state of the employees of ECCOM.